Ways to Avoid Traffic Accidents

The National Police released a series of suggestions to prevent website traffic accidents, as a result of huge cases this weekend, inning accordance with the organization. Of 19 fatalities unfortunately, 15 were in web traffic accidents.

The accident prevention actions advised by the Cops are:

– Have a motorist’s certificate to drive vehicles, buses as well as motorbikes.

– Redoblar your attention in the steering wheel, throughout the days of rain, by the high dangerousness of the damp asphalt.

– Check your vehicle prior to driving, that remains in good working condition, brakes, steering, tires, accessories, extinguisher, medicine upper body, fuel, oil, water, tools, keys, feline, pliers, safety triangle, Light, among others.

– Know the rules or general regulations and also comply with the official indications of transit, appreciating the Miami car accident lawyer .

– To stroll, to move or to deal with lorries with prudence, taking on a safety conscience, appreciating the civil liberties of pedestrians, travelers and also other drivers, to have human treatment and to give aid to the hurt, not to leave and that their habits does not make it a criminal The overdue.

Suggestions for pedestrians, passengers as well as schoolchildren:

– Stroll on the pathways. Do not go across in the middle of the streets, do it by the edges, prior to seeking both sides.

– Beware with the thumbs-up, which is for lorries.

– To get on and off a vehicle, make sure it is quit.

– Wait for the microbus at the well established quits.

– Warn in advance when you leave.

– Do not eliminate your head or arms out the window, another vehicle that aims to overtake or in the opposite direction could run over.

– Aid cross courses to youngsters, elderly, blind and others.

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